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My MS Holiday Wish List

Living Well

November 13, 2023

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by Kathy Reagan Young


Medically Reviewed by:

Nancy Hammond, M.D.


by Kathy Reagan Young


Medically Reviewed by:

Nancy Hammond, M.D.


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What I really wish is that we all had a “Life Registry,” where we could keep a running list of everything we wanted or needed as a gift. Until that happens, here’s my list of items I’d love to receive as holiday gifts.

As a person with multiple sclerosis (MS), I find that the holiday season can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. To combat this, I try to jump on as many holiday tasks as early as I possibly can. Buying gifts is one of the most stress-inducing parts of the holidays for me, so this year, I’m on it. You may want to do the same.

As I started looking around at what I wanted to get for my friends and family, I started thinking about what I hoped they would get me!

Don’t you think a “Life Registry” is a good idea? We could all have a running list of things we would like to receive and anytime we need to get a gift for someone, we could simply consult their Life Registry to see what was on their list.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share mine. Maybe it’ll spark some ideas for you!

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My 10 gift ideas this holiday season

1. For squeaky clean floors: iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

When these robotic vacuums first came out, I thought they were just too good to be true. There was no way I believed a vacuum could run on its own throughout a house and keep the floors clean. Well, I have a lot of friends who own this particular genius invention, and now I want one: the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum.

Vacuuming is one of the most difficult and taxing tasks for me, so I can only imagine the satisfaction of hearing it start up and run around my house, cleaning as I’m lying in my bed or recliner.

2. For finding the essentials: Apple AirTag

My MS-y head makes it really difficult to keep tabs on all the things I need to keep tabs on — like, for instance, my phone, TV remote, Kindle, laptop, keys, and purse, to name just a few. I’m grateful my head is attached or I’d lose that too!

Adding an Apple AirTag to these things would be so great! It can pair with Alexa — who, by the way, is now my best friend, so I can just ask said friend Alexa where my stuff is located, and she would be able to tell me! How great would that be?

3. For a smarter home: Alexa-enabled devices

I’m a little late to this party, but in learning about all the things Alexa can control, and hence I can control from anywhere with the Alexa app on my phone, I want ALL THE THINGS!

Amazon Smart Plugs for my lights plus an Amazon Smart Thermostat and Blink Mini Security Camera, so I can be sure my house is cozy and safe when I get home, plus a multitude of other devices that would make my life seem less out-of-control.

4. For front door security: Ring Video Doorbell

I can set this up on my Alexa app as well. See why she’s my best friend? To be able to see who is at my door and chat with them via my Ring Video Doorbell would be a dream come true.

Whether I’m up in my bed resting or at the grocery store getting some chocolate “medicine” (it always makes me feel better, which makes it medication in my book), I’d love to be able to see who’s at my door and tell them to just leave that flower delivery on my porch and I’ll get it later. Hey, while I’m dreaming, why not add a little flower-delivery fantasy in there?

5. For hands-off gifting: Gift cards

Massages, house cleaning, restaurants, books — let me choose what I want but you’re picking up the tab? Yes, please! This is such a win-win. It’s super easy as a gift giver, and the gift receiver gets their heart’s desire.

6. For a gift that keeps giving: X-of-the-month clubs

I love this idea as both a gift giver and a receiver. To be reminded each month of the thoughtfulness of whoever purchased this gift for me — and to know I have another gift coming next month — keeps the holidays alive all year long. I love it!

The possibilities are seemingly endless: wine of the month, flower of the month, book of the month, cookie of the month, pickle, bagel, bacon, cheese, chocolate — all can be delivered each and every month!

7. For feeding your curiosity: MasterClass

I LOVE learning. These online classes are with the tippy-top people in each field teaching what they know. And the offerings are so varied: How about songwriting and producing with Alicia Keys or hip-hop storytelling with NAS? Not your style? Maybe “Fashion Design with Marc Jacobs” speaks to you. No? OK, how about makeup and beauty with Bobbi Brown?

There are MasterClasses on sports, writing, business, food, community and government, and wellness. You name it, they probably have a MasterClass on it. What a phenomenal gift to feed that intellectual curiosity!

8. For a night out: Tickets (and a date/ride) to live music

I adore going to live music shows. If you’re buying a gift for me, you’d definitely know that. And if someone would give me a whole “evening out” where they’d pick me up, we’d grab some yummy dinner, and then go to a show, my mind would be blown. I would feel seen and heard — and loved! Isn’t that really the point of gift-giving?

9. For quality time: Drive me around to see holiday lights

This is such a fun activity that costs nothing (well, besides time and gas). Let’s pick up some hot chocolate and spend some time together getting in the holiday spirit. That would feel like a big hug to me!

10. For charity: Donate to a nonprofit

This is a three-fer. I would really appreciate the person who understood which organizations speak to my soul and donated to them in my honor!

The gift giver supports a great cause and could even write off the donation! I’d feel seen, heard, and honored by their donation on my behalf. And the organization would benefit from the monetary contribution. Win. Win. Win.

I’d love to get a card telling me that my friend donated to the National MS Society, St. Jude’s. or the hospice that helped my brother. What a beautiful gift — for everyone involved.

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Add your own ideas

So that’s my top 10 wishes on my “Life Registry” for the holidays this year. What are yours? Maybe together, we can try to make this Life Registry idea a thing! Happy holidays, everybody!

Medically reviewed on November 14, 2023

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